Dr. Loel L. Resler
Most people would agree that what you know is more important than where or how you learned
it. Even so, many highly accomplished individuals have been unable to gain academic
recognition for their knowledge in a particular field simply because of the way they acquired
that knowledge. Whether through verifiable independent studying, traveling, business seminars,
a tour of duty in the armed forces or on- the-job training, the knowledge they have drawn from “non-traditional” off-campus extension learning is largely ignored by many colleges and

Experienced, mature individuals want and deserve academic recognition in the form of advanced
degrees. Many are in the midst of established careers or busy fulfilling important family responsibilities. They cannot intemrpt their lives for several years of conventional classroom
and lecture attendance. For others the financial strain is simply too burdensome. There are many bright, mature individuals who have physical fimitations that make it difficult or impossible
for them to take part in on-site classes.

USI (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  offers an excellent solution and an opportunity for you to earn the academic
degree you deserve. The University’s academic approach uses guided independent extension
study, letting you work wherever you wish and at your own pace.

USI (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  programs are intensely personal yet flexible enough to adapt to virtually any
lifestyle or set of academic circumstances. Our students receive individual attention from our faculty as well as the services provided from our Central Counseling Service by mail, phone or tape. USI (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  allows you to make full use of all the knowledge you have gained by granting credit toward Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees for documented life, work, and other learning experiences.

It is not surprising that USI ((US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  is one of the fastest growing, non-traditional,
distance learning, universities for undergraduate and graduate studies in the world. Whatever
your rcason for seeking an advanced degree, I applaud you. I sincerely hope our programs
will meet your educational needs.

It’s time you gained the recognition you deserve for your accomplishments. I know you will give serious thought to earning your degree through (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)

I extend to you an invitation to become a part of Westbrook University

Loel L. Resler, Th.D., Ph.D.