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accreadiationAccreditation is a comparative evaluation depending on given assessments, skills and experience


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Who We Are

USI (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation. Our delivery mode is Distance Education only. USI (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT) was established in 1986 and has graduated over 7000 students worldwide. Our faculty is comprised of some of the best educators in their fields. (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  offers various Degree Programs and Diploma Programs.The idea of centralized government control over higher education in the United States was rejected in favor of a system of voluntary regional accreditation organizations. Membership in any one of the several U.S. regional accrediting associations is strictly voluntary. These regional accrediting associations are privately owned and operated. In other words, they are not owned or operated by the U.S. Government or the U.S. Department of Education.

USI (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  University has an active Board of Directors, Academic Advisory Board, and a full administrative staff, each meeting compliance criteria. Each Board meets at a minimum of twice per year with a written agenda, findings, and minutes given at each meeting. USI(US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  also has an elected CEO, CFO, Treasurer, Secretary and a liaison for accreditation. The administrative staff oversees the daily operations of USI(US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT) .

Our Classes

USI(US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  also offers classes to other institutions that are unable to provide for their students where their state or governing bodies require such classes for graduation, certification, or licensure. One example of this would be Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy. The State requires students to complete Anatomy and Physiology, which CSIMT, does not offer. USI (US INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT)  is filling that void for their students.



Higher Education

Within this area USI supports universities in their reform processes, particularly with regard to the principles of the European Higher Education Area.


Creative Ideas

The best creativity blog since 2008, full of inspiration, motivation, research, and insights to guide you into becoming more creative.


Market Research

Marketing Department in USI (States institute for training and management) is The leading provider of market research reports and industry analysis on products, markets, companies worldwide.